Any or all of the following is required for the registration and card issuance process:

  • Passport
  • Resident permit

Registration Process

Step 1 – Purchase of FIMS Scratch Card
All eligible foreign nationals will first purchase a scratch card called the FIMS scratch card at any CAL Bank branch.
Download application form and fill before proceeding to purchase a scratch card. The applicant presents the application form and the FIMS scratch card at the registration centre. The FIMS Scratch card is the only means of payment for the Non-citizen Ghanacard. Each Scratch card has a serial number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Step 2 – Data Capture

  1. At the registration centre, the applicant fills out the application form with his/her biographic information.
  2. When the application form is completed, the applicant proceeds to a Data Entry Officer to process the biometric information.
  3. When needed, a customer service assistant is at hand to help fill in the form.
  4. The applicant then gives the FIMS Scratch card and application form (which was given to the applicant when the FIMS Scratch card was purchased) to the Data Entry Officer who verifies the PIN on the FIMS Scratch card and captures the data on the application form into the database.
  5. The Data Entry Officer also captures the biometric data of the applicant. The biometric data to be captured are:
    -Photograph (portrait); and
    -Signature on an electronic pad.

Step 3 – Instant Card Issuance
The data is processed; the applicant verifies and validates data captured and instantly a Non-citizen Ghanacard is issued.

Features of the Non-citizen Ghanacard

  1. Security features make forgery and duplication very difficult.
  2. Holographic laminate displays a unique optical pattern.
  3. Biometric data including fingerprints and digital signatures are stored as images in an individual’s file.
  4. Unique Personal Identification Number.
  5. Personal data can be read automatically in usages that require the holder to provide an identity evidence and authentication.

Where to Register

Foreign nationals who stay in Ghana for a period of at least 90 cumulative days in any given year or those who are permanently resident in the country should go to the permanent registration centres to register for their Non-citizen Ghanacard:

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8 Gulf House Street,


Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
8AM – 5PM
Saturday – Sunday

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